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Weiss & Associates, P.S.: Service-Driven, Personally Engaged Tax Advisors

At Weiss & Associates, P.S., we offer successful business owners, high net worth individuals and their families a full range of taxation and business consulting services.

As a client, you benefit from our highly personalized and innovative tax services, backed by over 35 years of experience spanning almost every industry and taxing jurisdiction within the United States.

What this means is that you are guaranteed to work with a trusted advisor who:

  • Provides comprehensive tax planning services on an annual or as needed basis - Weiss & Associates, P.S. actively consults and advises you on a broad range of tax issues - from critical rules that affect your business, or you personally, to year-end projections and accounting software. Our deep experience in taxation combines with an intimate understanding of your business, as well as the ever-changing federal and state legislation that impacts it, to ensure we reduce your tax burden.

  • Takes a proactive approach to tax compliance - We look out for your best interests, reaching out to you with sound, practical advice that eliminates surprises and creates value for you throughout the year.

    We believe our clients should have a keen understanding of their current and future tax situation, as well as a strategy for incorporating tax-saving alternatives. That’s why we are always available to our clients and encourage them to ask us questions to avoid any irreversible problems in the future.

  • Knows you and your financial and business affairs intimately - Our staff is consistent from year to year; and we dedicate ourselves to learning about your industry, your company and the nuances of your operations and personnel. In turn, you can build upon your tax plan every year without having to explain your tax history or year-end objectives. Instead, you receive continuity of service excellence, reliability and consistent sound advice from the same trusted advisor year after year.

  • Provides access to critical expertise, when you need it - With over 31 years of experience spanning almost every industry and taxing jurisdiction within the United States, we have developed close, professional relationships with people throughout the area. Whenever there is need for services outside our practice areas, or that can be done more efficiently or cost-effectively by another professional, we will gladly introduce them to you. These referrals may include independent bookkeepers, attorneys, third party administrators, appraisers, investment advisors, or other professionals.

  • Charges reasonable fees - Our highly focused, personalized service approach, combined with a specialization in tax planning and business consulting, creates efficiencies that are passed on to you, in the form of reasonable fees and on-time service delivery.


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